Brodie Neill on plastic and ocean waste in conversation with Justyna Green


Born in Tasmania, Australia in 1979, Brodie grew up in an innovative environment laying the way for an expressive approach to the design of functional objects. In 2001, he graduated from the University of Tasmania and went on to complete a Masters in Furniture Design at the Rhode Island School of Design in 2004.

After running a successful studio in New York City, Brodie now operates in London’s East End where he works closely with European and North American manufacturers, as well as renowned retail brands. He represented Australia in the first London Design Biennale in 2016, highlighting the issue of ocean plastic. 

The winner of international design awards, Neill has exhibited extensively throughout the world. Recent highlights include an installation for London Design Festival 2017 at the ME Hotel - Drop in the Ocean; a solo exhibition at the fashion showroom of Rubin Chapelle in New York; and the release of ‘E-Turn’ - produced by Italian manufacturer Kundalini.

Neill speaks with Justyna Green about changing attitudes towards plastic addiction, the importance of exploring alternative solutions, and his drive towards advocating for a circular economy.